29/03 Projects for Camp 4Science 2016 have been chosen


Projects for Camp 4Science 2016 have been chosen. These projects will attend and be presented at the workshop:

► CTA, the Blue Rain - Daniel Vega - Spain 
► Breaking the Telescope´s Heart - Barbara Janišová-Feglová - Slovakia 
► The Brainwashing Experiment - Andrea Culková - Czech republic
► Year in the Spitsbergen - Aleksandra a Miroslaw Skowronovi - Poland
► The Dark Side of Life - Balasz Lerner - Hungary 
► What Do We Search For? - Monika Derenda - Poland

Congratulations and see you soon at Camp 4Science. We are looking forward to meet you in Olomouc!

Project is financially supported by Visegrad Fund http://visegradfund.org/