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Lawrence M. Krauss, The Unbeliever - News - 4SCIENCE

20/04 Lawrence M. Krauss, The Unbeliever

During AFO 2014, Lawrence M. Krauss filled up Metropol cinema to the brim two times. First time it was the screening of The Unbelievers, a film following his and Dawkins’s scientific tour of the United States. The second time it happened was at his lecture on just how archaic and dangerous religion has become. Rigid and archaic religion confronted with relatively undeniable scientific research is shown in The Unbelievers, coincidentally right on Good Friday. Directorial duo of Holwerda brothers depicted a cycle of intense and charged lectures of Krauss and Dawkins in a manner reminiscent of that of a rock-tour with massive amounts of applauding fans. The Unbelievers was met with the same kind of reaction at AFO. Following day at Krauss’s exhaustive lecture, audience had the opportunity to brush up on their skills in theoretical physics as Krauss took it all from the top. Scientific research moves on over the imaginary dead bodies of earlier unsuccessful hypotheses on how the universe functions and this process, along with the joy it brings, is what Krauss enjoys about science. New findings about the grandeur of the cosmos confirm more and more just how insignificant and small we are in comparison – but according to Krauss, this is exactly why we should make the of our very brief existence.