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Activities - 4SCIENCE

[ Activities ]

AFO - International Festival of Science Film

AFO is currently one of the most important European festivals in the area of popular science film. It aims to present science as an attractive, dynamic and diverse sector through films charting natural, humanities and social science disciplines. Each year, hundreds of documentary films and television programs enrol in the competition sections of the festival. Traditionally, renowned stations such as BBC, Discovery Channel or National Geographic submit their films. The festival presents all the visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves into an inspiring environment and confront their opinions with the world's leading popularisers of science. In past years, the festival introduced for example Barillé Albert the creator of the legendary cycle series Once Upon a Time... Life, Jeff Lieberman host of Time Warp an American popular show, Martha Holmes exclusive producer of the BBC series Life, a world-renowned biologist Steve Jones, and renowned populariser of science and medicine, Lord Robert Winston. In 2015 AFO had the opportunity to welcome in Olomouc evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and American physicist Lawrence M. Krauss who visited the festival already for the second time. 

The festival takes place in April in Olomouc and it will have its 51st year in 2016. More info at

Industry meeting

Industry meeting is a yearly networking activity which culminates with a meeting after a year-long preparations and arrangements of the meeting of representatives of the audiovisual industry, university research teams, audiovisual centres, universities and research institutes, as well as students in practical and theoretical fields of film, or representatives of domestic and foreign institutions of public administration. The aim of these meetings is to stimulate development in the field of popular scientific film and television through the sharing of know-how, the search for new themes for film and television production and strengthening co-production potential of domestic and foreign production. Meetings are expected to help with creating a space to share different perspectives to the issue of popularization of science held by different spheres. The pilot industry meeting was organized within 48th AFO, in 2013.

International internships

Networking will be based (besides other Activities) on internships of academic staff and students at world’s prestigious institutions popularizing science. They will take place in the form of monitoring placements and internships assuming a practical contribution to the activities of the host institution. Individual internships aim to create links between the institutions that themselves produce or use popular-science film directly. Students and academics will have a unique opportunity to work closely with film shows and festivals (eg Pariscience, Imagine Science New York), production and television companies (BBC, Windfall Films), and also institutions such as science museums (Science Museum London ), professional associations and others.


The key objective of the workshops within 4SCIENCE is direct contact of students and academic staff with top experts from the science-popularizing sphere. In the course of the year and the festival AFO, experts will be invited to workshops to share their experiences and to present progressive forms of communication of sciences, with emphasis on such areas as presentation skills, dramaturgical supervision of a TV show, popular journalism, producing practices etc. More information about scheduled workshops and masteclasses will be continuously available in the news section.

Collection of popular science films

A complementary activity of 4SCIENCE network is sharing a representative collection of popular-science films with other universities and institutions in the Czech Republic. The aim is to raise awareness about the potential of audio-visual education and popularisation processes.


Web, where you are, is designed to serve as an international platform for sharing information, printed materials, and the latest movies and TV shows (section READ and STREAM). In the FIND section, users will find an arranged directory of institutions from all over the world, engaged in a variety of ways to popularize science. Section CONNECT (only in Czech) aims to stimulate domestic film production, offering not only a directory of popularisers of science and consultants from across the spectrum of scientific disciplines, but also presents a selection of interesting scientific topics, which may become the subject of popular science audiovisual production.