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About project - 4SCIENCE

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What is 4SCIENCE?

The main objective of the project 4SCIENCE is to create an international partner network of institutions popularizing science primarily through audiovisual means, i.e. television and film productions, festivals, museums, universities, scientific and audiovisual centres. The ideal networking benefits should be sharing experiences, strengthening interaction between the scientific field and the audiovisual industry, promoting science as an important social issue and also to raise awareness of/about the potential off scientific film and TV formats for teaching and communicating science.

Camp 4Science History

The first year of the workshop Camp 4Science was held under the patronage of Academia Film Olomouc and Industry 4Science in 2013. The jury chose a total of five projects from Slovakia, Germany and Estonia. Filmmakers and producers had a chance to develop and present their projects in progress (popular scientific films and programs) for the very first time.

One of the tutors was Christine Reisen, producer of European television channel ARTE, who pioneered the workshop as a master tutor along with Hana Rezková Křepelková. Hana Rezková Křepelková led in the past a number of projects at the Institute of Documentary Film. Among the tutors was also Australian producer Sonya Pemberton, Emmy winner and author of the document Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines, which is dealing with regular vaccination of children, or Immortal - a documentary about substance that can slow the aging process.

In 2014, Camp 4Science had already signed up to seventy unfinished projects, of which organizers chose seven that participated in the workshop itself. Among the tutors was for example Dinah Lord, a British producer, winner of BAFTA and longstanding executive producer of the BBC, or Gregor Streiber, owner and director of the production company Inselfilm, which since 2007 has produced more than 300 programs for TV stations like CDF, ARTE or BBC. Among the consultants were Sue Dando, executive producer of the Canadian CBC, Alison Leigh, Director of the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers and Valeria Mellon, producer of BBC Children and winner of BAFTA award. The workshop was attended by filmmakers and producers from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Spain. Second year of Camp 4Science answered questions like: how can cosmic radiation affects life on Earth, how can music help in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, or if we will be able to program future science geniuses.